It takes



t takes courage, patience and humor to travel and that you will not let yourself be cast down by small adverse coincidences.

Free cancellations are cancellations up to 15 days before arrival date. If cancelled later and in the case of no-show, your will be charged with 80 percent of the room rate.

Of course, we try to let the vacant room otherwise as quickly as possible so that no cancellation fees arise for you.

We recommend to take out a travel cancellation insurance after booking.


Das Freiberg Romantik Hotel
Family Bolkart-Fetz
Freibergstraße 21
87561 Oberstdorf
Tel. +49 8322 96780
Fax +49 8322 967843

Kurz über uns

Das Freiberg Romantik Hotel

Erfrischend anders als alle anderen und kein bisschen Standard. Einzigartiges kulinarisches Konzept mit 4 Restaurants, Sterneküche, Designklassiker treffen auf Bodenständiges.

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